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At Active Fueling, we help athletes and active individuals optimize their nutrition for performance and health.

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Whether you're looking to improve your sports performance and/or improve your relationship with food, Active Fueling is here to help!

We are the premier provider of all sport-nutrition services, especially for endurance athletes.

These packages are specifically designed to help heal your relationship with food, so you can enjoy your sport AND food.

The focus of this package is improving your daily nutrition to reach your goals!

Nutrition is vital for all athletes. Whether competitive or recreational, all bodies require adequate fuel to perform their best. By using evidence-based practices to fuel your body, our sports dietitian will help you find the right balance of nutrition to fuel your sport, and life! Our programs are individualized based on the athlete’s goals and needs. We emphasize sustainable  lifestyle changes that support your goals!  Don’t waste time training without the right nutrition to reap the full benefits of your hard work.