Who should choose this package?

Athletes that want to perfect their sports nutrition

Professional athletes, collegiate athletes, age-group competitors, or weekend warriors

Athletes who have no clue what, when, or how much to eat to maximize performance or who want to really dial in their nutrition, including use of ergogenic aids. You’ll be an expert after finishing this package!

What’s included?

Individualized assessment of nutrition needs

Individualized meal plan, based on your sport-specific nutrition needs and food preferences

Sport specific education lessons:

Customized goal setting based on your sport-specific needs

Education on the function of carbs, protein and fat plus what foods they’re found in.

Education on using the meal plan long term. You’ll learn how to build your own meals, enjoy favorite foods, and dine out while managing optimal sports nutrition.

Education on your sport-specific nutrition needs before and after training.

Education on your sport-specific nutrition needs DURING training and competition.

Education on Nutrition Periodization (altering nutrition based on your training cycle)

Label reading: how to choose the right items when grocery shopping.

Supplements: your needs for your sport and supplementing safely

Intuitive eating: learning how to trust your hunger and fullness cues and be mindful at meals.

One game day nutrition plan

What’s the cost?

Total investment for this 16-week intensive program is $825.

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